About Dawg and Man

Dawg was a rescue.  Although a pure blood Bouvier des flandres, he wasn’t “show quality” and was dumped on a rescue service before he was five months old.  Fortunately, a human family that understood the personality quirks that Bouviers (and rescues) often have wanted Dawg to come live with them.  So began a long journey across the country and through time.

Man was also a rescue.  While battling diabetes, arthritis, sleep apena, and many other problems, Man began to feel sorry for himself.  But Dawg was a happy animal.  Nothing got Dawg’s goat.  Such happiness is infectious — which is a good thing.

Along the way the family noticed that Dawg had special talents.  When Man stopped breathing at night, Dawg would nudge him awake.  When Man’s blood glucose got too high or too low, Dawg would pester Man until he paid attention.  Man was so impressed that he entered Dawg into a contest.  In 2008, Dawg was officially named a Hero of the Year for his breed.  Dawg didn’t care. Dawg is just happy to have a family to love.

6 Responses to About Dawg and Man

  1. momshieb says:

    What a great Dawg! Give him a treat for me, will you?

  2. MandT says:

    What a wonderful story! Our little Cocker, Bodhi Dog, was also a rescue. Never was there a better friend and hero. Give Dawg a major skritch from us.

  3. Elyse says:

    Oh, I love this story! I’m presuming that Dawg is still with you, if you are considering giving him some beer! And I also read the one bad week story, but it seemed that comments were closed.

    I’m glad you have Dawg in your life. Goliath was with me for ten years, during which I was very sick for much of the time. He, like Dawg, saved me. Literally and figuratively.

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