Okay, before I can tell you my next story, you have to know that Dawg digs holes in the carpet and in the bed — both his and mine.  Or at least he tries to dig holes.  Then he rubs his face in the material in which he’s been digging like he’d found a free perfume sample of old dead skunk.  Then he either lays down to nap or he leaves the room to get a drink.  The odd thing is, he only does it inside, not out.  And since, so far, it hasn’t been a destructive action, we let it slide.

Last night, however, it took on a new aspect.  I got out of bed about 11:30 pm to give Dawg his midnight walkies a little early, and as I got off the bed I could both feel and hear him do his little digging routine (my bedroom is kept pitch black most of the time so that I can sleep whenever the urge strikes).  As I walked away from my bed and into the hallway to the living room, I listened for, but didn’t hear, his usual kalumph that comes from bounding off the bed.  When I didn’t hear it, I thought that perhaps he was feeling his age and had dismounted gracefully for once.

Imagine my surprise then when I spotted Dawg peeking from behind my La-Z-Boy in the living room.  Not that it was unusual for him to be there — there’s a space behind my chair that leads to some plants we keep by the window.  Since the cat frequently likes to check out the plants, and since there’s only one way in/out of that space, Dawg thinks it’s a great space to lie in wait for his play-buddy (not realizing that the space isn’t much bigger than he is, and the cat can’t even enter with the dog laying there).

It’s only about eight feet from the hallway to the chair.  There is no way the dog could have passed me without me seeing him.  Theoretically, it could have been the cat (who hates me and refuses to get on my bed), but the cat was sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets, which both Dawg and I could see before I exited the hallway.  In fact, the cat was why Dawg had been peeking around the chair.  They’d been having a staring contest.

I immediately went back to my room and turned on the overhead light.  Nothing on the bed, nothing in the room, nothing in the attached bathroom.  At least, nothing I could see.

After walking the dog I decided to stay up and watch TV in the living room the rest of the night.  With the lights on.  I wasn’t scared or anything, but you can’t be too cautious at my age, you know.

Not that I’m paranoid, but am I the only one around here living in a perpetual Halloween prank?



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2 Responses to Spooky…

  1. PiedType says:

    Sometimes that TV can be mighty reassuring, especially if you can sit with your back to the wall.

  2. shewasthenaz says:

    Kids and animals. In the movies, they are always the only ones who know what’s really going on.

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