At least the dog’s happy…

The old year has gone, the new year is underway, and I’m still cleaning up after Xmas.   Dawg was the big winner this year.  He loves to tear wrapping paper to shreds.  Feeds the “wild dog” in him, I guess.  Although, to be honest, I don’t have a clue as to where wild dogs find wrapping paper to destroy.  Anyway,  we gave him all the used wrapping paper as part of his Xmas.  So he got a “present” every time the rest of us opened one.  Plus he also got a couple of toys:


We gave him one (a knitted Xmas wreath chew toy), and when he saw where we’d been hiding it, he waited until we got busy with our own stuff and went over and got his next present — a dinosaur chew toy.  Of course, these were both wrapped, but that didn’t stop him.  Dawg simply unwrapped them himself!


Naturally we couldn’t punish him for being impatient.  After all, it WAS his toy, and you know how kids are at Xmas time…


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2 Responses to At least the dog’s happy…

  1. Elyse says:

    They are worse than kids at Christmas, dogs are!

    Hope 2016 is a happy healthy year for you and your wife and dawg!

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