Happy Birthday to Dawg…

Yesterday was Dawg’s 10th birthday.  Using the standard scale, that makes him 70 in people terms.  Yet he’s still doing fine — well, pretty good for 70, at least.  In fact, he performed another doggie miracle last night — maybe. 

I’ve mentioned before Dawg’s ability to travel in space and time as if he was Doctor Who (I’d better not look, and Teleporting the dead ), and now he’s done it again — I hope.  I was halfway to the kitchen when I stopped by the front door to remember why I was going there.  (Ah, come on, you know  you all do it!)  I felt a presence behind me so I turned around.  The light from the kitchen threw a deep shadow into the space I was occupying, but I could see a deeper shadow in front of me.  The shadow was the size and shape of my companion when he sits up, so I leaned forward and thrust out my hand to pet him.  Just as I did that, I heard a noise behind me, by the front door.  I figured it was the cat, wanting attention.  But as I glanced over my shoulder I saw Dawg, sitting and smiling.  Slowly, almost painfully, I forced my head back around and could plainly see that my hand hovered over empty space.  The darkness that had been there was gone.

I don’t know what I had been about to pet, but thank goodness Dawg stopped me.  Unless, of course, what I’d been about to pet was Dawg, in which case, never mind…



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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to Dawg…

  1. Elyse says:

    Happy Birthday, Dawg!

  2. PiedType says:

    Good dawg, Dawg! And Happy Birthday.

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