And the news just gets better and better…

Okay, I’ve seen my specialists, who have ordered more tests, but who, without waiting for the tests to be done, have already let their opinions be known.  My GI surgeon wants to go in and poke around, but he’s pretty sure it’ll be colon cancer.  My cardio doctor just wants to give me more meds, but she’s absolutely certain my heart is giving out (i.e., congestive heart failure).  I think they’re both jumping the gun.

More tests coming up next week.  I’ll report back then.

LATER EDIT: the cardio doc had a family emergency, so my appointments this week have been canceled, and because of her busy docket, can’t see me again for about two weeks.  I’m sorry for her emergency, but since she won’t be there when the tests are run anyway, why can’t I go ahead and get them over with?  (No answer from the staff on that.)

Don’t worry about me doc.  I’ll just sit here in limbo until you can fit me back into your schedule…

Oh well, at least Dawg still loves me!



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5 Responses to And the news just gets better and better…

  1. Elyse says:

    Well all of that sucks. If it is the big “c” — I hope at least it’s early, when it is treatable. Good luck with it.

    • Daddy Bear says:

      Thank you. I hope so as well, although the heart problem takes priority. The GI doctor won’t even finish the testing until the Cardio doc clears me. What he says is he doesn’t want to put the strain on my heart. What he means is it’s six of one at that point, so why bother?

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