Where there’s life, there’s hope…

TV1003aDawg was vomiting two Saturdays ago, then got okay a day later.  He had diarrhea last Saturday, and that cleared up the next day.  Following his usual schedule, he should have had a return of both yesterday, but that didn’t happen.  I don’t know if we’ve broken the cycle this time, or if he’s just too worried about me to feel sorry for himself.

For the past few weeks I’ve been having a problem with my blood oxygen and pulse readings being very low.  About half what they should be, in fact.  And I’ve been coughing more than usual, and spending most of my time in bed, petting Dawg.

He seems fine with that, but when She heard about the symptoms the other night, She insisted I see my GP immediately.  She used to be a Cardiac Nurse, and knew exactly what the sudden onset of those symptoms meant: possible internal bleeding or congested heart failure (from which my father died).  In fact, She tried to get me to go to the emergency room, but since I’d been ignoring the problem for weeks, I was having none of that.

We saw the doctor the next morning.  At Her insistence, they did an EKG, then bundled me down the hallway for a chest X-ray and blood donation.  The EKG was absolutely textbook perfect, according to the doc, but the blood test showed mild anemia and the X-ray indicated that I have cardiomegaly.  Since I was told by an Air Force doctor 50 years ago that I have a larger than normal heart, I’m not too worried about that.  Lots of people, including many athletes, have an enlarged heart muscle.  Of course, I haven’t been an athlete since I was crippled 35 years ago, and the type of swelling I’ve been having in my legs can be a precursor for congestive heart failure (heck, out of a list of 7 indicators, I have 5), but still, I’m just not concerned.  I’ll be happy to leave the worrying to Dawg, if it keeps him from being sick.

Next week I’ll have to go see a cardiologist for more tests and another specialist for the anemia.  Should make for an interesting fall season.  As I’ve always said: life around me may be many things, but it sure as heck ain’t dull!


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2 Responses to Where there’s life, there’s hope…

  1. Elyse says:

    As my dad would say, if it weren’t for bad luck (and bad health), you’d have no luck at all. Good luck next week.

    • Daddy Bear says:

      Thank you, you’re very kind. While I’m not exactly looking forward to it, at least I’ve got plenty of reading material for all the waiting around that makes up the majority of a Doctor Visit. Thank Buddha for the Kindle!

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