What a week! (part two)


Monday I tried to call the vet all day long, but they never picked up their phone.  It also didn’t switch over to the answering machine.  By the end of the day I was beginning to get steamed — obviously either the office was closed for some reason and the office manager forgot to switch the phone system over to “night” (which sends calls to the answering machine) or they were there, but forgot to turn the system over to “day” and the answering machine was unplugged.  Here I was, worried about my animal and some idiot was proving the Peter Principle still applies everywhere you look.  By nightfall I’d worked myself into a regular tizzy.

Because I lost Tuesday, it was Wednesday before I finally was able to contact the vet’s staff for an appointment.  Fortunately, Dawg had done his usual recovery and was fine.  Still, I was anxious when Dawg and I drove over to the clinic bright and early on Friday.  When the vet told me that AT&T went down on Monday over his entire section of the city, I felt about a centimeter tall.  I was just thankful I hadn’t yelled at anybody about it! [You know, you’d think I’d learn that not every problem is caused by somebody’s incompetence, but for some reason, I’m taking a long time to learn that particular lesson.  At least I’m working on it, but I’m not getting better very fast — hey!  Maybe that’s MY Peter Principle at work!?!]

Anyway, he reviewed Dawg’s records, ran some tests, and decided that the chronic gastrointestinal inflammation (sort of a doggy Crohn’s disease) he had diagnosed five years ago was kicking up again.  He reminded me that it was chronic and can flare up at any time.  Even though I suffer from the same illness, I’d completely forgotten about Dawg’s diagnosis.  The treatment is a couple of weeks of steroids and a heavy course of antibiotics, which we started immediately.

I’m still waiting for the steroid-induced thirst to kick in.  We’ve papered the living room with puppy pads again, and we’re just going to weather this as best we can.  Naturally, Dawg’s been fine all week.  He couldn’t understand why I insisted on taking him to the vet when he wasn’t having any immediate symptoms, but I know I did the right thing.

How do I know?  It’s Saturday, and Dawg isn’t sick!


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4 Responses to What a week! (part two)

  1. momshieb says:

    Feel better, Dawg and Old Dog!

  2. PiedType says:

    You aren’t the only one who thinks every problem is caused by someone’s incompetence. I think our perception is the distillation of years of experience. Older people understand this; younger people usually don’t.

    Glad to hear Dawg is on the mend.

    • Daddy Bear says:

      Thank you. We made it through the weekend with nary a problem — except for the steroid-induced one, and the puppy pads are taking care of that!

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