Unthinking obedience…

Anyone who knows anything about Bouviers is going to read the title of this entry and think “Ah, sarcasm!”.  Because if there’s anything that Bouviers don’t do, it’s obey without thinking about it.  But Dawg, being Dawg, takes it to an extreme.  Even if you tell him to take a treat, he’s going to think about it first.  He’ll consider all the variables, think about whether he’s really hungry, then he’ll smell the treat (always smell your food first, friends — it might be a trick!), and finally, he’ll take it.  I don’t know why he goes through that process.  I’ve never known him to refuse a treat.  But I guess we all have our little ways of doing things, and that’s his.

That’s actually an improvement over what he used to do.  For his first five years with me, he’d wait for me to put the treat on the floor or in his bowl before even starting the process.  Later he learned to take the treat from my hand (after thinking about it first), and then drop it on the floor and go through the whole process again.

Makes you wonder if he was a fish in his last life, the way he’s always looking for the hook.  It’s more likely that his previous owner punished him for grabbing treats, and he learned his lesson too well.  Or maybe being careful is just his nature.  I know that when I take Dawg outside for a quick “walkies”, he has to smell the entire yard before picking a spot. And then smell the rest of the yard afterwards to make sure he picked the right one.  And, of course, when I call him to come back inside, instead of obeying immediately, Dawg will re-check the yard to make absolutely certain he’s done everything he should.  Which is actually a good thing, since if he thinks he might not be quite through, he’ll run vigorously around the yard in every tightening circles to “work it loose”, finish up, and then, finally satisfied, come trotting up to the door.  The last thing he always does before stepping inside is to look back across his shoulder as if to inspect his work one final time.

Or maybe he’s just a perfectionist.  That’s probably it.  He wants every job done perfectly. Yeah, that’s my Dawg: a perfect little … well, you know.



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