It’s tough getting old…


On Thursday Dawg woke up and could barely stand (again), so we doped him up and let him sleep it off.  By nightfall he was better, but groggy from the pills, so he went without supper (something I should do more often — for both of us!) and slept most of the night.  Next morning he should have been okay.  At least, in the past, that’s been the pattern.  But he wasn’t.  He was stove-up again.  He was obviously hurting since he refused breakfast at first.  That’s something he almost never does since we put him on a diet.  Especially after missing supper.  So more pills and more sleep.   (Hey, it’s what works for me!)   Later, when I added doggie treats to his bowl, he condescended to eat, although he had to turn sideways to his dish to do so (when his back hangs up, he holds his body in a “C” shape).  I figure getting his appetite back that means that the pills are working.

She Who Must Be Obeyed remarked that it was an interesting coincidence that he was sick on Grooming Day.  Not blaming, just noticing.  I had written “Dawg Haircut Today!” on the white board we keep on the ‘fridge for just such notifications.  Although I called and canceled with the groomer, I didn’t take the notice off the board since we’re going to take him in ASAP anyway.  So it was still there when Dawg got up Friday morning and he was hurting again.

Say — you don’t suppose he’s learned to read, do you?  I wouldn’t put it past that guy.  Anyway, I gave up and removed the reminder from the board Friday night.   Dawg was fine on Saturday.  He ran around the yard like somebody’d put a quarter in him.

Looks like I’m going to have to find another place to leave myself reminders…


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