A doggie soap opera


Life is like a doggie soap opera around here.  A couple of weeks ago Dawg had another episode where he stove up overnight and couldn’t move by himself.  He was in so much pain that just touching him made Dawg wince, and lifting him into the van made him whimper.  Synchronistically we had an appointment early that day to get a urine test at the vet’s, so they kept him all day and had the emergency vet see him instead of just a tech to draw the urine (which they do with a syringe through the abdominal wall — ouch!).  Since he’s already on two different pain pills, and since he was unable to swallow them, I asked that they give him something in shot form to get him back to normal.  Instead the emergency vet did nothing but prescribe more pills (some muscle relaxers), which they didn’t even bother to give him while he was there.

As usual with Dawg, he’d mostly recovered by the time I got him home that night.  I gave him the pain pills and muscle relaxers anyway for the next few days, which caused him to sleep most of the time.  Which was good, since I needed the rest as well.

The reason we’d set up the appointment in the first place was that Dawg had started needing to “go out” every few minutes.  There are two basic problems that can cause that and I knew he wasn’t diabetic because he’d just had his annual physical.  That left some sort of urinary tract infection.  When the lab results came in they confirmed what we already pretty much knew.  So I started him on an antibiotic to clear that up.  After a week it was obvious that was the right answer, because he returned to his normal schedule.

Unfortunately, now he knows that if he whines enough, and jumps up and down in place (reminds me of a kid running around with this legs crossed), I’ll take him outside no matter how recently he’s been.  So I find myself going outside only to watch him lay in the grass and grin like an opossum.  Sometimes I swear that if I wasn’t a Buddhist I’d be tempted to beat that dog for taking advantage of my big heart.  But then, on the other hand, what’s a little inconvenience if it makes by best friend happy?


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2 Responses to A doggie soap opera

  1. momshieb says:

    Have you ever tried acupuncture or herbs with him? My old Tucker has arthritis in his lower spine, and lots of neck and back pain. Periodically goes through times where he can barely walk. Acupuncture is like a miracle; worked a whole lot quicker and easier than that awful narcotic pain med!

  2. Daddy Bear says:

    No, although I use both myself. When and/or if he gets to the point where he’s sick for more than a day, I’ll probably look into it, however. Thanks for the reminder!

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