I must be getting old


You’d think this wouldn’t happen.  For one thing, you’d think I wouldn’t have time since I get up every 90 minutes for a trip to the bathroom.  But it did: I rolled out of bed while sleeping this morning (again).  That’s the third time in six months. You’d think I was sleeping in a hammock or something!  It’s not that the bed is too small, it’s that Dawg insists on sleeping on 90% of it.  If I try to take half, he stretches out his legs and pushes me away.  Back to the edge of the bed.

I tried using pillows on each side of me, forcing me to sleep in the middle of the bed, but Dawg re-arranges the pillows until they’re on the floor.  By that point I’m back on the edge of the bed again.

Each time I fall it takes me several days to recover from the banging around.  My last fall was only a couple of weeks ago, but that was from tripping while standing, rather than from rolling while sleeping.  Like that makes a huge difference.

At least after last time I moved the trash basket so my shoulder didn’t get bruised from landing in it this time, but I somehow managed to catch my shin on a plastic box I had sitting off to one side.  Scraped all the skin off for several inches.  You know, if I could, I’d fire me for doing such a bad job of taking care of myself.

Anyway I decided it was time to have a bed rail installed so that I could sleep more safely.  I ordered it immediately before I could forget about it.  The rail should arrive in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully, I won’t injure myself on it through some other freak accident.  Don’t laugh — if it can be done, I’m sure I can find a way!


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