Date night, revisited


We talked it over and decided to go to the play after all.  Even though there were no wheelchair slots available, I decided that if I took it easy for several days before and after, and if my wife drove me there and back, I could use crutches that one night to get into the theater and sit in an aisle seat.  So that’s what happened.

We had a glorious time.  Of course, the seats were too small, but then, since I’m built more like Nero Wolfe than Sherlock Holmes, most public seats are too small for me.  And, to tell the truth, the play was so much fun I didn’t really notice the seats while the play was going on.  At a crucial moment in the action, though, some idiot in the audience dropped something heavy with a loud ‘crack’ on the hard floor.  It was so loud that even the actors, who surely must be used to such things, startled.  Fortunately, since I waited until the play was over to pick up my crutch, I don’t think anyone knew it was me.

Because we’re “supporters” of the local Theatre, we could have met with the actors before the play and the director afterwards at a little wine & cheese thingy, but I knew that would be pushing my luck.  Fortunately, my wife doesn’t care for such things, so we hot-footed it out of there as soon as the play ended.  The only sour note on the whole evening was that I’d paid in advance for parking right at the theater, and it turned out that the machine wouldn’t take my voucher, so I had to pay again.  Then the machine wouldn’t print out a receipt (so that I could get a refund on my voucher). In the old days, that would have set my Scotch blood boiling, but I was able to let it go after a few choice words at the machine.  I consider that a great improvement over the way I used to be.  Previously (before I became a crip), I would have beat up the machine and still cussed it for days.  Nowadays, it’s just not worth the energy.

All-in-all, we had so much fun that, just like last year, we vowed afterwards to go out and frolic more often.  We even discussed ways we could make that happen.  Now it’s really up to me to get it done.  Just as soon as I can get out of bed again.


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