That’s one day down


Took Dawg to visit the groomer at her new location and all went well.  Here’s a pic of him on the grooming table.   She doesn’t blow him full dry because he hates that, so she towels him medium moist.  He looks happy with the place, don’t you think?  The groomer said that instead of the three hours it usually takes at our house, she was able to bath and groom him in an hour.  Of course, at our place I always help, so that might explain part of the time difference as well.

One of his old friends from the previous day care works at this new place and she sure was happy to see him.  She also has an aging rescue dog, but as one of her job benefits, he gets to come to work with her.   You might spend your day cleaning up after other people’s dogs, but being able to play with your own mutt all day is one heck of a benny.

Of course she knows Dawg’s biting story, but she insisted on petting him anyway.  And I insisted that the muzzle stay in place.  Dawg jumped up on her (he’s bigger than she is) and tried his best to lick her in the face.  A true dog person, she actually enjoyed it!

Had his annual shots, etc. this month.  He’s gained a ton of weight this year thanks to a lack of exercise.  He’s now up to 90 lbs, which wouldn’t be a bad weight at all for a dog of his age and breeding, if he wasn’t a runt to begin with.  He’s way too short to be carrying that much weight, so I had to promise the vet I’d exercise Dawg more.  I couldn’t help feel like you do at the dentist when you promise to floss better.  Only this time, I mean to actually do it.  Well, probably.


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