You have no idea how much I want one of these

The car, I mean, not the model.  It’s called the Kenguru, a Hungarian import that will soon begin production in America, thanks to some Texas investors.  Yes, the size looks unsafe, but no more so than the Smart Car.  And having this car would mean that I could finally go someplace with out all the extra crap I have to do to take my big old van.  No more ramps rattling around in the rear of the vehicle.  No more trying to find a triple-wide parking place so that I can get the ramps hooked up to the side of the van in order to load and unload the chair.  Just roll in, zoom off to do stuff, and when I get there, roll out and, well, do stuff!

Oh, and one other thing I like: it’s electric!  Of course, being electric, it’s limited in speed and range, so I’ll still need my van for trips, but that’s okay.  Just having the freedom to do errands without making everything a grand trip would really be nice.

And, what do you know, it looks like there’s room for Dawg in the back.  Come on, Dawg — let’s go for a ride.



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  1. momshieb says:

    Wow, this is awesome!!! I hope that there’ll be a lot of these on the road soon. Especially one for you….

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