Another year gone by

I swear that the old adage about the days flying faster the older you get is true. It’s 2014 already, and it seems to me like it was 2012 just a minute ago. I’ve barely gotten over Xmas, and here it is almost Valentine’s Day. One thing I won’t have to do, however, is get Dawg another rawhide bone to celebrate the occasion, since he didn’t eat his Xmas bone. He did eat a lot of the packaging it came in, though. Maybe that explains his little “problem” over the holidays.

We all opened our presents (Dawg gets to open his own, although he won’t touch anyone else’s), and Dawg had fun tearing the packaging into little, tiny bits. It’s one of his few joys in life, since he won’t touch the trash. He was happy to get the annual boney, but he wasn’t really interested in it. But he bounded around the room like a puppy anyway, holding the bone up in the air with his mouth, just happy to be alive and the center of attention.

Since then he has barely touched it.  As a matter of fact, the bone’s still lying in the middle of the living room, virtually untouched. Oh, he’s gnaws on the corner of it a bit every once and a while, as if to prove that he appreciates the thought of the present, but you can tell his heart isn’t in it. Which is kinda sad, really. He used to enjoy scarfing those things down so much.  Maybe it’s just not tasty enough, now that we regularly give him those “healthy” bones (made of chicken and sweet potato).

Or maybe it reminds him of the day after Xmas, when he was so arthritic that he couldn’t stand up without help. We gave him aspirin, which usually perks him right up, but this time he threw it up instead. In fact, he threw up all his food that day, and just lay on his bed, looking miserable. The next day he wouldn’t eat at all.  Just lay there, really pathetic. It drives me crazy when he has one of his spells.  I never know exactly what to do, although doing nothing seems to work as well as throwing cash at the problem.  Anyway, by the third day we were ready to take him to the vet, but he woke up hungry and ready to play.  It was as if nothing was ever wrong.

There are times when I’d really like to know what he’s thinking — mostly when he’s sickly. Days like today, there’s no doubt whatsoever what he’s thinking. Today is grooming day!


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