Christmas came early this year!

For “early Christmas”, Dawg got a new car seat.  Do you remember when I figured out that I didn’t really need a car seat? Well, I was only partially correct.  While I didn’t need a car seat, apparently Dawg did.  Well, not need, exactly…or maybe need IS the right word.  I refer you to my previous post on OCD.

Anyway, it drove Dawg crazy that he didn’t have his car seat any more.  I was willing to put up with it rather than admit I’d made a mistake, but my wife said, “No way — Dawg wants a car seat, he can have a car seat!”  You can imagine my response to that.  (For those of you who are single, my response was what it always is: “Yes, Dear.”)  Since I’d thrown the old one in the trash, I had to go out, get the supplies, and make him another one.  It’s exactly like the first one, of course, except that it’s new — and now that‘s what’s driving Dawg crazy.  Here he is, laying on the new seat and moping about not having the old seat.


I swear, it’s easier being married to a headstrong woman than it is living with an OCD Dawg!

Later:  I was over in our long-term storage unit and guess what I found?  Yep, the old car seat.  The one I was certain I’d thrown away.  Ain’t memory grand?  Sure wish I had me some.   😛


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