BTW: the new pills didn’t work either

bouvierdrawWe went through a bottle of the magic medicine the young vet suggested, but it did nothing for Dawg’s gastro-problem.  Oh well, nothing ventured and all that.  Then my regular vet suggested that Dawg might have a low-level infection.  Over time, that’s been known to change animal (and people) behavior.  (Think of it like having a toothache.  After a while, you might get grouchy.)

So, after another battery of expensive (do they make any other kind?) blood tests that came back negative, we’re back where we started.  Either Dawg bit that lady because he was angry, frightened, herding, providing security for me, or just plain nuts.  All I know is, with the muzzle in place, he won’t get a chance for a second bite.

And, frankly, Dawg’s doing fine.  I’ve even started taking him to the office with me when I go in late at night.  Since there’s nobody in the building after midnight except for me and the security guard, there’s nobody to tempt fate, so he gets to enjoy the ride and smell a different place for a change.

Now that the evening temperature has generally fallen below 85, I’ve been taking him out for long walks again.  It’s past time, too.  Dawg’s gained 10 pounds this summer and I’m sure it’s because we’ve been walking him less.  But now, just before the sun goes down, I hook the short leash onto my wheelchair and head out!  He trots along beside me, generally behaving himself.  As long as I pay attention, there’s no chance for him to act up (i.e., jump on or bark at people).  And by “pay attention”, I mean keep a watch for other travelers and then stay more than 10 feet away from them.  It may not be much of a plan, but it’s working so far, and Dawg’s getting plenty of exercise, which makes him happy.

And, as Martha used to say, “that’s a good thing!”


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