Yesterday was a busy day

About 8:30 am, just as I was going to bed for the day, my phone rang.  As usual, I let it go to voice mail to filter out the spam and forgot about it.  However, when I got up at noon to shut up my nagging prostate, I glanced at the screen to see who called.  It was the joint doc!  Since I know she’s going to take the last two weeks of the month off to relocate her offices, I decide to see what she wanted.  It turns out, she’s already got my stuff from the insurance company and is holding her last appointment for the day open for me so that I won’t have to wait until January.  Now that’s a good doctor.  I immediately called back to confirm, and started getting excited.  Not only am I tired of the knee bugging me, but I really want this injectable padding trick to work.

All went well, and after she drained still more fluid from my knee, Doc shoved the goo into the joint.  Surprise! It didn’t hurt that bad.  But then she told me that it’d be three weeks or more before I noticed any real difference in my pain level.  Bummer.

The doctor said if there’s no major improvement by the six-week mark, it wasn’t going to work.  Actually, thanks to the drain, the knee already feels better than it did, but I know what she meant.  Now all I have to do is sit on pins and needles for the next month, waiting to see if I’ve found a solution or if I require the operation anyway.  And I hate waiting more than just about anything.

Time to hit the meditation cushion.  What’s the old saying?  It’s good for my emotional growth?  You know, sometimes I think that’s why I started meditating — to have something to do while waiting.  Oh well, at least I have a mantra to use: “Buddha give me patience…and do it now!”



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