Me and my claustrophobia survived another one

The MRI is done!  The battle with the insurance company went easier than expected.  Plus, instead of the 50% co-pay they charged me last time, I only had to pay 10% — I almost went into shock. [Edit: I spoke too soon.  They came back at me later and made me pay 80%]  The MRI of my knee showed that I had two tears in the padding between the bones.  One of the tears is in front and may or may not be due to the arthritis (or just getting old).  The other one is in the rear is most likely due to an injury.  Part of the pad is hanging out of the joint and is probably causing most of the pain and fluid buildup.  I wish just once a doctor would give me a straight answer.

Of course, being a surgeon, the doctor wants to go in and cut those parts out.  If I were younger, she’d sew them up, but on ‘old people’ (over 30) it won’t heal, so my options are limited.  In part because I hate hospitals (and am not a fan of operations), I’ve decided to try something else first.  There’s a gel that they can inject into the joint to help the pad do its job.  But, the doctor has to argue with the insurance company (again) to get the gel, so that might not happen until sometime in January.  Good thing I’m in no hurry!


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