Good doggy

Things are looking up on the Dawg front.  Utilizing a nine-foot retractable leash when I walk him (if I walk him, does he roll me?) keeps him close enough to me to maintain control, and the electronic dog whistle keeps his attention on me.  It’s been two months since the last incident, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the storm completely.  He’s been known to go six months without going crazy.  But this way, he’ll have to go crazy on a short leash, at least.

But wait — there’s more!  I discovered some doggy treats that he not only likes, but that stay down.   And that includes some veggie-based fake-rawhide “bones”.  We haven’t had any “throw-ups” (other than water, which he does no matter what we do) since we changed over to these treats. So, as always, he’s one happy dog.  I plan to give him a few later today, since it’s his birthday.  I also reward him with them on days when he’s a “good dog”, which, of course, is every day (in his mind, at least).

On the health front, the news is not so good.  First, you may recall that I recently had a bunch of fluid drained from my left knee to ease the pain in that joint — well, the pain’s back.  I haven’t made another doctor’s appointment for four reasons: (1) and this is the main reason, it doesn’t hurt all the time.  Maybe 60% of the time it’s intolerable (which is a weird phrase, since obviously I tolerate it), and a 9 out of 10 on the pain chart.  When it hits 80% I’ll go back.  Why wait so long?  Because (2) the draining procedure is a 10/10 in pain.  Plus (3), she’s going to want to have my knee put through a scan (either a CAT or PET or MRI), and, although I’ve done it before, it’s a problem.  Not only is it (3a) expensive (i.e., I can’t really afford it), but (3b) I have to hold my legs perfectly still for 30-45 minutes.

That might not sound like much of a reason to you, but I have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and that makes a big difference.  It’s not only painful to attempt to hold my legs still, it’s impossible.  I can do it for a minute or two, but that’s the limit.  Which is why it takes so long to scan them.  So I’m not looking forward to that, and will put it off as long as possible.

And finally, (4) the relief doesn’t last long.  I had the knee drained in August, and by September it was already hurting again.  Plus, there was this dream.  You see, I had a dream last month in which I told myself (yes, I often talk to myself in my dreams) to get things in order, as I have less than 6 months to do so.  And, since when I ignore those types of dreams I later regret it, I’m doing what I can to be sure that things are “in order”.  Not that it’s such bad advice in general, but in this case, better safe than sorry.  And, if the dream is true, what’s the point in going through hell to ease the pain in my knee for such a short period of time?

That’s me — always looking on the bright side…


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2 Responses to Good doggy

  1. momshieb says:

    Happy to hear the good news about Dawg. As the owner of two mutts too big to walk easily, I totally understand your dilemma.
    Sorry to hear about your pain; wish that there was a simple solution for you.
    And as for that dream: we should all go through every day as if we had only 6 months left, really. We should always be trying to “get things in order”.
    I hope it wasn’t a prophetic dream. Maybe just one too many pre-bed snacks?

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