That’s one problem less

We bought two different kinds of muzzles to try on Dawg: the sleeve and the basket.  Of course, he hates both, but will wear them under duress.  Each one, in their own way, does what it’s designed to do: make him look dangerous (in order to keep people from running up to him), and keep him from picking up stuff off the ground and eating it.  But last night I figured out why we can’t use them on Dawg.

I picked up the muzzles a couple of days ago, and I’d been acclimatizing Dawg to them a little at a time.  Last night’s after-supper walk was going to be the first full-length trial with one of the muzzles on his snout.  Well, he ate supper, took two steps outside (before I put on the muzzle), and threw up again.  When he does that, there’s no warning signal.  He’s just walking along and he opens his mouth and food falls out.  At that point I realized that if he’d been wearing either muzzle he’d have aspirated the food and we’d be on our way to the emergency room.

So — back on with the thinking caps.


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