Houston, we have a (possible) solution

No one’s left a note on our door or called our phones, so I guess we’re safe for now.  Unfortunately that doesn’t solve the issue, but we may have figured out something that’ll help.   We not only have tried “curing” Dawg through socialization and training in the past, we’ve also used several other gadgets/techniques.  For example, when he gets distracted we’ve tried using a clicker (he’s been “clicker trained”), a dog whistle (no effect), an Electronic Dog Whistle (high pitch tone generator), and keeping him away from distractions (impossible to do — he just widened his circle of attention to where he was focusing on stuff several blocks away!).  We’ve tried treats (keeps his focus on the treat-bag, not other stuff), forcing Dawg to go belly up when he ‘acts out’ (punishment for a canine), and only using a short leash for maximum control.   Each one worked for a short period of time, but nothing worked for long.  Wife (brilliant person that she is) thought: why not try them all together?

So that’s what we’ve been doing.  As before, it’s working in the short-term.  Only time will tell us if it’ll work in the long-term.  Please send us good vibes.  The life you save may be a hero’s.


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2 Responses to Houston, we have a (possible) solution

  1. momshieb says:

    Sending you good vibes and a request to share what works. I have a big old hound dog who is a wuss, and an elderly lab mix who occasionally reacts in much the same way as Dawg. We use a “Gentle Leader” which works right up until the moment when it doesn’t, and she shakes it right off and goes for the neighbor dog.
    Good luck! And keep us posted.

    • Daddy Bear says:

      Will do. Your description of the Gentle Leader (it works right up until the moment it doesn’t) is exactly the way we feel about our previous attempts to control Dawg. Sometimes everything will go along for months, and then, out of the blue, he explodes. Since neither we nor any of the trainers we’ve worked with have been able to figure out the “trigger”, we’re just going to keep clamping down until we at least have control. We’re thinking of adding a soft muzzle — not for the protection, but because most people will simply stay away from an animal wearing a muzzle.

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