I hate needles

The knee pain got so bad I finally went to one of my doctors yesterday.  She treats me for my various joint problems — not to be confused with the doctor that treats my arthritis.  Anyway, she said I had a fluid buildup on my left knee, and that’s why it was hurting so much.  She took a needle I could have knitted with, hooked it to a Mr. Coffee carafe and shoved it under my knee cap.  Ouch.

After withdrawing a couple of gallons of fluid, she shoved some steroid stuff back in, and told me I was ready to go.  Surprisingly enough, I was.  The pain was completely gone.  When I asked her what caused the fluid buildup, she said it was from the arthritis eating away my cartilage.  Great — one more thing to look forward to.

But not today.  Today I’m feeling great!  Think I’ll go dancing.


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