Down the rabbit hole

I’ve been having a severe pain in my right knee (my good knee) for the past month.  It started out as a twinge, and every day it got a little bit worse.  At this point, it’s driving me nuts because I can’t find a comfortable position to sit or lay.  After about an hour at the office I’m ready to start screaming.

Then, to make matters worse, I took a fall.  I’d just dropped by the office late one night to do a little book work, so I didn’t take Dawg with me.  He looked so happy, snoring away on his doggy bed in front of the TV that I didn’t want to disturb him.  So I’m there alone and with my knee the way it is, I’m not sure if I can get back into the chair by myself.

What had happened was really dumb.  I was sitting in the office chair (the wheelchair won’t fit under the desk), checking the office email when the UPS/Surge Protector alarm went off.  There’s a circuit breaker button on the top of the thing you have to hit to re-set it, but the UPS is way under the desk out of the way.  The noise is incredibly irritating, plus if it’s not re-set, the computer will lose power in a few minutes.  So I stretched out my leg to see if I could hit the button with my foot…just a little further…BAM!  I slid right off the seat.  Now I’m on the floor watching the chair shoot across the room on its rollers.  Oh, great.

I sat there a little bit, considering my choices.  My wife wasn’t home, and she couldn’t get into the building at night anyway.  There’s a night security guard, but I’ve tried calling him several times before and he’s never answered. For a moment I considered what would happen when the guard came through on his rounds 12 hours later, checking the offices.  Would he see my body, or would the desk hide me from view?  Perhaps the client would find me when he returned to the office — in three days.  Just thinking about trying to get to my feet by clinging onto the desk made me shudder.  I didn’t think the sheet of glass that was the desktop would hold my weight.  (Why, oh why did I choose a modern desk design when we set up the new place?)  Thanks to three years of bedrest back in the eighties (when I broke my back), I’m no longer the physical marvel I used to be.  I used to look like a samurai.  Now I look more like a Hotei.

After my head cleared, I rolled around on the carpet until I got close to the chair.  Then I wedged the chair against the wall next to a filing cabinet.  In that way I was able to stabilize it enough to claw my way up the thing and re-seat myself.  After I stopped alternately cursing and congratulating myself, I remembered something.  I knew there was a reason I should always take my service dog with me.  One of these days I’m going to actually learn sump’n…maybe.

My knee hurts.


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