Bad news and good news

First the bad news: my client had to fire the lady he’d hired to take my place.  I tried for three months to train her, but she was hopeless.  And she was the third person he attempted to hire.  No one wants a part-time job with no benefits.

Now the good news: I changed pain doctors and he put me on a pain patch in place of the pills I had been taking (which were making me sick).  My pain is down to a managable level.  I haven’t felt this, well, I won’t say “good”, but I will say “not horrible”, for years.  And my primary physician prescribed a narcolepsy medication for me that keeps me awake when I drive.  It works great.  It’s a non-narcotic and I only have to take it when I’m going to be driving.  The only side-effect is that it keeps me wide awake for 18-20 hours, which is new to me.  I haven’t been able to go more than four hours without nodding off for years.

So I guess I’m not ready to retire completely after all!


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