Stormy Monday

Whenever there’s thunder, Dawg climbs into my bed for “protection”.  He wants me to hold him and protect him from the monster banging on the roof and windows.  He’ll hear thunder long before I do.  Often I’ll be working on my computer (there’s a desk at the end of my bed) and he’ll come bounding into the room and leap on the bed.

I know there’s a storm coming because that’s the only time he does that.  Oh, he gets in my bed all the time, but normally he’s quite the gentleman about it.  But if a storm is on the way, he comes through the door at a full gallop.  If I do happen to be in bed, I wake up immediately when 55 pounds of Dawg hits me in the chest.  Poor baby — Daddy’s here.


About Daddy Bear

I'm old and grouchy -- don't push it! I've got a long, pointless, and boring story, & I'm not afraid to tell it...and tell it...and tell it...
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