Playing boney

According to some experts, a dog is basically a juvenile wolf that never grows up.  One of the games that wolf pups play with each other is called “bone”.   A pup will take a bone from whatever carcass is handy, then run away from the other pups with the bone hanging out of his/her mouth.  The other pups will give chase.  Eventually one of the pups will catch up and grab the end of the bone.  Then bone turns into tug.  Eventually one of the pups will win, then take off running with the bone, starting the game all over again.  This not only helps establish ranking amongst the animals, it also happens to be a lot of fun.  Which is why a dog will play fetch or tug with you until you give up…or out.

We call it “boney” when Dawg plays with us.  His favorite toy for this is an old towel.  It doesn’t hurt his teeth and it’s really cheap to make.  He doesn’t care how much we spend — he’s happy just to play.


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