Dawgs will be Dawgs

I was walking Dawg recently when he spooked a rabbit.  Before I thought about it, he took off after the bunny.  When he hit the end of his 25-foot retractable leash, he was brought up short.  Unfortunately, although I usually have the leash tied to my chair, this time I was holding it in my left hand.  I felt a searing pain in my left shoulder and was yanked out of my chair.  Dawg came back, obviously embarrassed, and helped me get back in the chair.  I was barely able to get home, since it was too painful to use that arm to propel the wheelchair (using only one hand makes you go in circles!).  I wound up using my feet to push myself backwards.

Fortunately, I wasn’t far from home.  After several doctor visits I found out that I’d torn my rotator cuff.  Although I can have surgery to relieve the pain, I’ll never be able to use that arm to work my manual wheelchair again.  From now on, I’ll be in an electric, which is too heavy for Dawg to pull.

Although I can’t afford a new one, an out-of-state friend has offered me his wife’s old chair.  (She died last year.)  All I have to do is go get it.  I don’t know what it looks like or what kind of shape it’s in, but the price is right.  Time for Dawg and me to take a road trip to Oklahoma!


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