The Dawg-cart from hell

This is the world’s most expensive dog-cart.  You might disagree.  Maybe you know of one that has gold trim and sable seats.  But that one, at least, is good to look at, whereas this one is worthless.

It was supposed to be the top-of-the-line, bestest dog cart on the market.  But it turned out that the person selling the cart was not the person making the cart.  In fact, no one person was making the cart.  All the bits and pieces were farmed out to “low bidders”, then shipped to the seller who put the pieces in boxes and shipped them out.  All without ever checking to see if any of the pieces were actually workable.

I’ll bet you can imagine how well that process worked out.  After weeks of sending back first one part, then another, and never getting anything that was functional, I finally gave up and shipped everything back.  I must say that the seller was pretty decent about the whole thing.  Eventually gave me a complete refund, including shipping (both ways).

Thus ended my great “dog ride” experiment.  That’s for the best, I suppose, since Dawg seemed very dubious about the whole thing.


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