Doggie daycare

Because Dawg is a service dog, he gets to go everywhere with me.  But I’m old, and he’s still a puppy.  Since being with me 24/7 can’t be all that much fun for him, I’ve started taking him to play with other dogs three times a week at a doggie daycare place that’s close to my house.  He loves it, and I can watch him via a video feed on the Internet if I get lonesome.

Bouvs are herding dogs, so his “play” seems to consist mostly of trying to herd the other dogs.  He’s not particularly successful at it, but he sure does get a lot of exercise!  I’ve also signed him up for a basic skills training class they offer.  I’ve taught him the basics, but he’s not that great at minding me all the time.  Maybe this will help.


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