Dog-gone tired

Almost immediately, we decided the Bouv would fit in our family.    But, although we had excellent references, the rescue group wouldn’t ship him.  It was against their rules.  So we had to drive there and pick him up.  It was the middle of May before they decided he was approved for adoption.  We had to wait for the weekend, but as soon as my wife got home from the hospital (as a nurse she works a 12-hour shift), we took off.  We drove all night from Texas to Illinois to meet our new dog.  He seemed fine, if a bit small, and perfectly happy to adopt us (from the first we were amazed at how laid-back he was), so we signed the papers, made a substantial donation to the charity, and started for home.  All pure bred dogs have two names — the one on their “papers” (their Sunday-go-to-meetin’ name), and one for every day (their “call name”).  Although the Bouv had a fancy name on his registration, I decided right away that any animal as amenable as this dog seemed to be must have a Buddhist outlook on life.  In proper Buddhist fashion, I decided to call him Dawg.

Dawg traveled just fine.  He got in his travel crate and went to sleep.  However, we ran out of steam about six hours later, so we stopped over at a motel.  Dawg was supposed to be staying in his travel crate, but he seemed to prefer watching TV with me.  What are you going to do?  Proper training must start early.  Yep, he’d already got me trained.


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