Time to heal

I’m no longer able to work very much, so I’ve given up my business.  My wife is worried about me spending so much time in bed.  Even though I’m heavily medicated, I’m still in a lot of pain, and movement just makes it worse.  The doctor and my physical therapist both say I should move around as much as I can tolerate, but frankly I don’t see any point in it.

My wife’s decided that a dog will give me a reason to get out and about.  It’s been eight years since my previous rescued Bouvier passed away.  Maybe it is time to let my heart heal.  She found a nice looking puppy in another state that needs a home.  Could he be the one I need?


About Daddy Bear

I'm old and grouchy -- don't push it! I've got a long, pointless, and boring story, & I'm not afraid to tell it...and tell it...and tell it...
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